Photograph courtesy of Scott Bae Photography

Welcome to the Queer Identities Psychology Partnership (QuIPP).  The aim of QuIPP is to serve queer communities through therapeutic services, surgical support, clinical consultation and supervision with allied mental health professionals, and psycho-educational seminars.

"Queer" means many things - an identity, a way of living that subverts social constructs, a radical political commitment. QuIPP is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to queer folx and communities.

At QuIPP, members of queer communities will find an open and safe space to address mental health concerns, receive support for transition-related surgical procedures, and explore personal and social traumas.

QuIPP provides supervision and consultation to mental health professionals who offer therapeutic and transition-related support to queer communities.

QuIPP offers psycho-educational workshops related to transgender and queer mental health care for individuals, groups, and organizations.