QuIPP has a strong commitment to social justice and seeks to eliminate mental health disparities for members of queer communities. In keeping with this commitment, QuIPP partners offer a variety of educational opportunities through formalized training programs and consultation.

Externship.  QuIPP offers the first pre-doctoral externship site  in the U.S. focused on adult transgender mental health.  Externs participate in a 10-month training program where they will learn the skills necessary to be competent working with queer clients who identify across the gender spectrum and hold a variety of intersecting identities.  Because we believe in the value of every person's labor, we offer a $500 stipend to all externs. 

Consultation.   For decades transgender people have been under- or un-employed due to discrimination and discomfort in the workplace.  Educational institutions today are seeing an influx of transgender and gender-non-conforming students. In response to these trends, many organizations are taking important steps to make their workplaces and schools safer for their transgender employees and students.  QuIPP partners gladly offer consultation for such progressive institutions. 

For more information on consulting with QuIPP or to inquire about an externship, please contact us

Photograph courtesy of Scott Bae Photography